About Me

I have been privileged enough to be a Midwife for seven years now; working between Swindon Delivery suite and the Birth centre catching many babies and providing support to thousands of women before, during and following birth. Catching babies is one of my all time passions and witnessing how incredibly strong women are always fascinates me.

I am also a Health Visitor and I have had the opportunity to work with many families following birth; watching the mum’s, dad’s and children grow. The postnatal period is the time in which parents are learning on the job and whilst you are surrounded by books, families, friends and health professional advice: Just remember you know whats best for you and your family – Your instincts are better than anyone else.

I have undertaken further training in maternal mental health and aromatherapy.  I am trained to provide KGhypnobirthing and believe that by providing unbiased evidence based choices you can not only have realistic expectations of birth: But also achieve the birth that you want.

Finally I am a mummy to my daughter Evie and I used hypnobirthing throughout my pregnancy, during my labour and continued the breathing and relaxation elements into parenthood. I know first hand how invaluable learning and practising hypnobirthing is and am incredibly passionate for women to have a positive and respected pregnancy and birth.

My qualifications:

  • Swedish body massage level 3 diploma 2008
  • Bsc Midwifery with distinction 2012
  • Aromatherapy 2013
  • Public health nursing post graduate diploma 2017 (health visiting)
  • Aromatherapy for pregnancy, labour and birth 2018
  • KGHypnobirthing diploma 2018
  • Infant massage 2019
  • Pregnancy massage 2019